May 1, 2018

Turning a corner.....

Happy May Day!

I think - dare I say it? - that we've finally made the transition out of winter, and I have flowers to prove it! The sun is gloriously warm - and the pollen is starting to show...the good and the bad.
Anemone Pendants
So much is going on this time of year! Congratulations go to Cape Ann Artisans and all the craft artisans and artists in our creative city of Gloucester, just announced as one of the Top Ten Craft Towns in the country! They even used a photo of one of our founders, Anni Melancon, opening her unique kiln, with many craft-loving visitors looking on...a fitting tribute to celebrate our 35th year! You can see for yourself during Cape Ann Artisans Spring Studio Tour, coming up June 2-3; more details here. You can also join us via Plug-In Tours and enjoy visiting a select group of artisans by way of a comfortable small tour bus and leave your car in the driveway.

Going in circles....that seems to be a major theme in my work still, as it's been for the last couple of years. Coming out of the bleak landscape of winter, color is exploding in my studio and in the jewelry I've been working on. After a class in January, I started exploring mixing metalwork with my glass again and am happy with the results so far. There will be much more to come as time allows me to lose myself in the work.....
Trapeze Earrings.....
New Pendants.....
Primal Tribal Necklace
Amber/Teal Anemone Pendant

There is so much more to show (and tell about) but I hope you can come and see for yourselves! (you can always email or call about a special order if you can't make it by in person.....)

Take a deep breath and enjoy the color and joy around you!

Happy Spring!!