September 27, 2014

Where to start??

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post, and where did the time go? This summer was extraordinarily beautiful here with very few hot muggy soupy days; the sunsets and evenings were as perfect for fireworks and boat rides as one could ask for.

Schooner Adventure, newly restored 

Ten Pound Island Lighthouse, Gloucester Harbor

Time spent in the garden was glorious, if not enough....but I made the most of the time I did have there. Daylilies had a banner did lavender, echinacea, valerian, liatris, and most everything else!


And oh, my....the tomatoes and basil! So beautiful, and tasty....and prolific!


That said, the light has changed; the days are shorter and the sun slants down at a different angle, and my plants and gardens are slowing down, settling in for their off-season dormancy. (I can't bring myself to use the "w" word yet....) At the studio, my work is evolving and I'm excited to show visitors and friends some of the new designs and ideas.....Open studio weekend is coming up Columbus Day weekend and it's always fun to welcome guests in to see what's happening.
My studio patio garden in the late afternoon sunlight
Waiting to be finished.....

Hope you can stop by and take a peek, or come see me in Watertown at the annual Beadesigner International Bead Affaire on October 18th. (follow the link for details and admission discount coupon.)

New Tribal Necklaces & earrings
There's even more happening later in the Fall....stay tuned for more details as they develop! Thanks for stopping by.....