May 7, 2014

Seeking Inspiration...Always and Everywhere!

Sometimes it's everywhere, sometimes nowhere to be least that's how "It" seems to me. While I'm away from the studio I try to snap pictures of everything that delights me, hoping that when I revisit those shots my imagination will spark again and work ideas will flow. Here are a few of the shots I've taken this week, from my sister's in North Carolina:

Some of these color combinations are making me crazy with anticipation....I can hardly wait to get back to the torch and start creating!

These two pictures are of the same allium head, just 4 days apart....I love them both ways!

And finally....just look at this little face! My sister's neighbor's new very delightful! "Frank Sinatra" is his name no less, just check out those eyes! He may or may not inspire new work - but he sure does make me smile and that's a great start!

I hope you keep checking in to see what new pieces I come up with - and please let me know in the comments what inspires you! 

Until next time....