March 9, 2015

Where to start? Better late than never....

Sunshine! Today it's above 40 degrees, the snowbanks are softening and beginning their inevitable (thank goodness) decline and there are folks walking around town, emerging from their "hunkering down" mode and turning faces to the warmth of the sun.

How many colors of snow do you see?

Such a contrast to BeadCamp, in Nokomis FL where I was lucky enough to spend a week between blizzards. Same beautiful blue sky....but that's where any similarity ends!

Thunbergia or Sky Vine
Gardenia bud just starting to open...magnificent fragrance!
Jake, the resident BeadCamp enole guarding the lanai
Detail of decorative columns, Ringling Museum grounds
Home of John Ringling
Ringling Museum grounds
Ringling Museum grounds

Nokomis Beach at sunset
Some of the BeadCampers after class one evening
I'm working on some new pieces that were inspired by this trip, and I promise it won't be two months before they show up here! 

Here is a sneak peek at one of the designs I'm working on....interesting details I haven't used before. Stay tune for more, coming soon.....and thanks for stopping by!