April 27, 2017

Color Challenge...(trying new ideas!)

Red Rock Canyon, outside Las Vegas NV
 Incorporating some new ideas from an online marketing "class" I've been taking, this post is veering off in a new direction. I'll talk more about the class in upcoming posts, but first I'd love some help. Take a good look at the photo (above) here, and then compare it to the colors to this next photo. These are rods of glass I chose to create a series of beads/earrings(?) based on the desert-ish colors in the photo, as challenged by a friend.

Something seemed a bit off, so I thought I'd try to find a "palette generator" online, to see what changes a computer would make, based on pixels and whatever else they use. (What a great exercise it turned out to be, it made me think I'm going to try this with other photos for some new inspiration when I get stuck....)  I tried a few different ones, and interestingly none of the first three brought any green into the palette! Surprised, I kept going and found "CSS Drive" which gave me several options: Light, Medium, Dark and Complete. As you can see in the next photo, the only one with any green was the Complete... 
...and even it knocks out the deepest shade of blue and one of the greens I had pulled. I'm going to make some samples and will show them in the next couple of days....if you have a particular combo of these shades you'd like to see, please post in the comments and I'll try them out. I looked to see if I had anything already made with these shades but nothing....spring in the desert isn't my usual mindset apparently...so, a true challenge!

So many other ideas come to mind...playing with the Pantone 2017 Colors (US or London, below) could also be fun!
What three colors from each palette would be your choice? Maybe I'll try them....stay tuned!

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