September 23, 2015

Busy times ahead!

This represents a quick peek at some of the new work I'll be taking to Celebrate Wearable Art 3 this coming Sunday; all of a sudden there are so many pieces "in process" that need to be finished up that I'm making this a short post with a few pictures of new work and links to the event. Lots more events this fall to come, stay tuned for details! (sign up here for my emails if you'd like to get the details right in your Inbox.)

Three of the Wearable Art Vests designed and destined for the Live Auction on the Runway!

Handpainted silk Kimono Vest designed and painted by Ten Pound Studio

Tribal Bright Disks necklace
Some of the last Morning Glories in my garden this year...they were major inspirations for some new pieces.

I'll leave you with my favorite "Find of the day" from a blog I follow about life in Venice. I love what the Venetians did to celebrate their beautiful city and hope you enjoy it too. Until the next time...     

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