February 5, 2014

My archaeological dig!

No need to stray too far from home, the "archaeological dig" was the desk here in my studio!

After a full day of cleaning and organizing there is more clean surface visible than I've seen since this time last year. Now, with the bits & pieces from attempts at new designs piled into little jars and glass saucers, and trays filled with pieces of works in process scattered across the desk, the creative possibilities seem endless.

It's an exciting place to be.....tucked away at my work table, in the back of my studio, hidden away in the rear of my little brick courtyard. I can hardly wait for Spring, when the indoor plants go back outside and I can fill the window boxes with overflowing, cascading color! (See photo looking out my studio window in the Spring at left.)

Speaking of being tucked away…this time of year is pretty quiet and sometimes I’ll go a few days without seeing a new face. That said, I hope you'll peek in for a visit now and then.....

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