November 26, 2014

"Black" Friday or "Rainbow" Friday? and "Small Business Saturday" too.....

As you know (if you've been reading this blog, seen my Facebook postings or been to my studio!), for me personally it's all about the color! I do understand that the whole Black Friday (November 28)  thing is named that for a reason (or reasons.....  Google it and you'll see a whole range of them, good and bad!) but it just doesn't resonate with me. The good news is, my LYS (local yarn shop) has started calling it "Rainbow" Friday to reflect the huge range of colors and styles of yarns they have on sale and I'm thinking I could borrow sounds so much nicer than "Black" Friday! celebrate "Rainbow" Friday I am opening the shop at 9AM with my once a year offer of 20% off your total purchase between 9 - 10AM, which drops to 15% off between 10 - 11AM and then drops to 10% between 11-12 Noon. For the rest of the day (Friday only until 5PM) there will be a 5% discount in effect.

Ornaments, Bulb Pendants
Icicle Ornaments
Here are a few pictures of examples of work in the shop now:
Cheese Knives, Spreaders and more......

Cheese Board with Knife

Gift ideas......

And of course, lots of earrings and necklaces - and loose beads to make your own jewelry!
 There will be lots to do even earlier in Downtown Gloucester, as many of the stores (and breakfast places) will be opening at 6 or 7AM, so come on down and Shop Local!! Support your small local businesses, get a head start on your holiday shopping .... And, best of all, you'll get to avoid that trip to the mall!!

My Small Business Saturday hours will be 10:30-5:00....Hope to see you then (and I have some goodies planned for that day too)! Stay tuned for more info on all the upcoming special hours for Ladies' Night, Men's Night and Friends & Family Night and our first ever Cape Ann Artisans Holiday Show & Sale!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends tomorrow, and stay warm and dry on these stormy days...with a joyous and colorful holiday season to come!

Gloucester's Lobster Trap Tree

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